Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mucking About on the Farm!

Mad Jazzy
I have been badgering my friend and local legend Neats MCcoy to let me try out her horses for an age now and this week she finally caved in! It was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of our new season purchases from Starburst. Neats looked splendid in her green silk/linen batwing jumper which she bought with her housekeeping money ( her Keith and granny will have to have beans on toast for a bit) and knackered Ilse Jacobsen lace up wellies. I bunged on the Sessun Liberty print Blazer and well worn MIH jeans and hopped rather shakily back into the saddle.. Neats also has a ravishing array of  barns which could be yours for a cool half a million. I have to say they are well worth it with sea views aga filled kitchens and more original features than you can shake a stick at.

Neats in her Marilyn Moore Glazed Linen Coat with Aggie

Me and Simon trotting along, isn't he handsome! so powerfull!
Here I am, me Elaine Paige, cantering along a road doing my best impression of a policewoman on a horse during a riot
The IJ grey boots
Simon in his stable

Albert wearing his greyhound silk sommerville scarf, Neats in her batwing jumper and boots and me in my Sessun blazer with the sea in the background!


I took a stroll after work the other night up to Gallants Bower to look at the bluebells, and even though it was tempting to stay indoors and crash on the sofa I'm glad i made the effort as it was one of the most truly beautiful sights ( and smells) that i have seen this spring. These pictures do not do it justice.

Future Sailor - Part One

Another News Flash...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a quick note to say that lots of lovely stripes have arrived from France courtesy of Armor Lux. First to kick off are the seasonal colours so expect lots of classic Breton t-shirts in mid blue, hot pink and mocha. Hurry they are already selling out fast!

If its good enough for Coco Chanel its good enough for me.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Marketing Fashion - Harriet Posner

Just a quick news flash to say that you can now buy my friends fantastic new book Marketing Fashion on Amazon

A massive thank you to Harriet for including Starburst within its pages!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Doing A Reggie..

Apparently its going to be 22 degrees today in Devon, and I have to say its bloody lovely down here, the type of weather that makes the winter seem a long way away. When I had a proper job nice weather used to make me want to do a Reggie if your sat somewhere in a horrible job say in London this is what you do: go walk in to your boss`s office (no doubt separated from the rest of the office in a kind of glass goldfish bowl) say Do you know what! you can stick your sales projections where the sun don't shine I'm off! then you flounce out and go straight to Paddington, get on First Great Western, crack open a bottle of bubbly and taste the delights of the in-house buffet car. Best bet is to head to Paignton (but I would advise not leaving the station as its rather like a small scale Blackpool but with Devon accents) then you get on a steam train, and come to Dartmouth and stand on the quayside grinning. Having raided the petty cash tin under the office mangers desk before you left you will have lots of money to spend in Starburst on nautical stripes and Victoria plimsolls creating a completly new look.

I think we have a real life Reggie lurking in Dartmouth, his name is Rupert and he is fiercely intelligent firing of quotes, facts and figures like a well oiled machine gun. Rumour has it he used to be a high flying architect but now refers to himself as an international man of mystery.  Starburst is his most favourite shop in Dartmouth as its "FASHION"!!!!!!!! and boy does Rupert know a thing or two about fashion. He beats me in the geeky fashion stakes hands down knowing what Alexander McQueens first collection was called, that Brix Smith Start used to be in band and what year the bias cut technique was first introduced - Blimey! He has the habit of walking past the shop, banging loudly on the window and roaring like a lion. Any man that does that gets my vote.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Great Escape - Part One Ashburton & Dartmoor

So I managed to get out of Darkmouth today...and escape firstly to Ashburton on a thinly veiled trip to buy fabric for my new fitting room...uuummmm. As much as I love my shop it is rather refreshing to escape and as one person bellowed at me during dinner last week - the world does not stop at the top of town Sainsburys. Quite.

 Once in Asburton I hit upon a four pronged attack which was as follows:
At first this looks like a 50`s prom skirt -But its not! its a lampshade!  - The Snug
Pop in to see the lovely Ros in her gorgeous Vintage emporium The Snug, Check out The Shambles ( which was piled high with so much lovely stuff I wanted to weep) go to Artisans & Artists to look at all the new Farrow & Ball colours, Malabar fabrics and prints and then onto No 14 to nail  fishcakes, Olives and a sneaky glass of wine. Below is just the tip of the iceberg of my longing.....The Plan after Ashburton was return home, check in at at the shop and go back to my laptop which was still switched on and blinking angrily. None of that happened. Instead I went on the most enjoyable jaunt which consisted of a whistle stop tour of Dartmoor in the blazing sunshine. Bliss.

Vintage Letters - The Snug
Swallow & Butterfly in Antique Bell Jar - Artisans & Artists

50`s feathered Hat - the Snug

The River Dart

A lovely day apart from the demon child with the evil eyes who angrily chucked wood at our car

Monday, 11 April 2011

They Are Back

 I spotted my first swallow in Hampshire last weekend. Spring is here!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Here Comes The Sessun...

Sessun S/S11

I am very much in-love with the latest drop from Sessun.This super cool French label delivers fresh Liberty prints, cool blazers, cropped trench coats ( with spot on detailing- check lining, inside pockets, binding) and best of all swallow print silks!

Swallow Print

The Liberty Print Kensington Jacket

The Swallow Print Dorothy Dress

What is also really rather super about the Liberty print Kensington jacket is that it looks rather good mixed with the Saltwater striped scarf and Petit Bateau plain blue T-shirt.