Thursday, 29 November 2012

Love to Lounge

People Tree

This years not going out kit contains Organic cotton P.J`s, Cashmere socks and Miller Harris body cream. Lovely! all you need now is decent wine and a log fire.

People Tree Organic Cotton nightdress £30.00

Cashmere Socks £29.00
Organic cotton T-shirt £20.00
People Tree Organic Cotton P.J Bottoms £25.00
Miller Harris body cream £22.00

Christmas is Coming

The Foss street Christmas lights are up ( funded by the street traders after the council pulled the plug), the Christmas window` is in and Candlelit Dartmouth happens tomorrow and Saturday. If you are coming down to Devon for the weekend remember its late night shopping and general carnival celebrations this weekend. Starburst Boutique will be open late for Crimbo shopping!

Foss Street Christmas Lights

And don't forget this weekend...

Scarf Action - Karen Mabon

New from Royal college of Art graduate Karen Mabon are these wonderfully wearable scarves in pure silk. Karen established her label in 2011 with the aim of capturing the eccentricity's of everyday life.  I think she succeeded.

Candy Store Silk Scarf £60.00

Greyhound silk scarf £45.00
Ladybird Silk /Wool Blend £60.00

Weeping woman £25.00
Navajo Celebration £45.00
Earthworm silk scarf £45.00

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Back in Stock - Miller Harris

For all those Miller Harris fans out there! your favourites are now back in stock! Including the sell out La fume perfume and the mini candles in Fleur Oriental and Citron Citron

La fume £60.00
Mini Candles £10.00

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pazuki at Starburst boutique

Its seems that people can not get enough of the Pazuki scarves this season, and now its time  to add even more decision making into the mix with the addition of the silk / wool cardigan. This little show stopper with its flash of silk on the back would work just as well as over a shift dress as it would with jeans and would definitely carry you through to the S/S 13 season.

Pazuki Silk /Wool Cardigan £189.00
Not only do I love Pazuki for there beuatiful colour combinations, fantastic drape and crazy prints but I also love them for being made in the UK. Each piece has a story that run`s behind it and every scarf has   a snippet of this story on the label

Pazuki In Production  - made and designed in the UK
The hand stitched label - each scarf has its own tale to tell
New in-store to run alongside the knock out hits Hollys Bedroom and  Graffiti is landscape

Landscape Silk/ Cotton scarf £129.00

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Marilyn Moore AW12

I have had a few request to post some more Marilyn Moore here they are! All a bit shaky as they have been taken in-store. Please bear in mind that some of the frocks have already gone.

Arabella Cashmere / Silk Top

Bernice Cashmere Jumper in Ice

The Jean Stripe Top in soft Jersey

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ageless Style - Ines de La Fressange & Irish Apfel

This post is for all those women that come into the shop and complain that it is all too young, too expensive, too this too that, only meant for " tiny" people....not that they would be reading this anyway. As I always say its nothing to do with age, weight or how much money you have its to do with personal choice and style. I try and say this as sweetly and as calmly as possible, who knew that rural women in one horse towns could be so challenging.  I thought London life was hardcore, rude commuters, rude girls  - u get me -, rude pigeons anyway I digress. So back to the plot. My thinking is you could spend £40.00 on some non de-script puffa gilet in Barbie doll pink from some god damn awful " lifestyle retailer" like Joules, Lazy Jacks and Fatface and team it with your mid blue no shape jeans and rugby shirt..but did you ever stop to question when and how your dog walking gear became your everyday gear?  and just think for £8.00 more you could own a real fashion classic in the shape of an Armor Lux stripe Breton top in double weight interlock jersey. Made in France and not in China. (More on Armor Lux wearers much later)

Armor Lux Breton top £48.00

Ex Chanel muse Ines de La Fressange is 55 and yes she is gifted in the gene pool stakes and more connected than BT when it comes to friends in fashion so does have access to some pretty good gear, but just look at how great she looks in her Armor Lux!

Ines in a killer combo of Armor Lux top, sequin blazer slim jeans and roger viver bag - nice! its not difficult is it?

Iris Apfel shot by Bruce Weber
 Iris Apfel who is 91 isn't short of a bob or two either.... but she still has true style icon attributes being a woman who has no fear of mixing Couture with high street with street market finds and just a bit of vintage thrown in for good measure.

 And I am talking good Vintage, not some garish 1970`s polyester dress as that`s not vintage in my book, its just naff polyester with a sickly pattern, I am talking good Vintage in the vein of Virginia Bates - all trailing 1920`s lace, bias cut floral 30`s gown and velvet frock coats.

Virginia Bates - A Good Vintage

Another note on Iris - check out her use of Colour!!!!!!! please note you can wear colour when you are  you are 60+. Where did this myth come from that you cant? Please be a bit more daring ladies. 

Perfect Holiday Home

Could Christopher`s Bailey`s holiday home be any more beautiful? this is what dream second homes are all about.

As seen in this months edition of World of Interiors

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thank You to WWB

A massive thank you to WWB who featured Starburst in the October / November issue!