Monday, 26 May 2014

Armor Lux at Starburst Boutique

The much anticipated drop of SS14 from Armor Lux arrived last week. All styles are currently available online but I do have limited stock so get shopping. 

Foss Street Action

Simon Drew has been feeling bored in the past few weeks and in between experimenting with hanging canvas underwear he has now cobbled together a paper mache fish which he has stuck on the side of his building. I must admit i do like it.On Friday he had a queue of people trying to get there hands on Maureen Minchin pottery. It was all bit strange and similar to Isabel Marant at H&M. Queuing all afternoon, tickets to go in, limited viewing time and only 2 pieces per customer.

The pottery in question which caused the stampede...

Elsewhere on Foss Street Browns Hill Art had its official opening - Well done Helena and Ainscough had another hot ticket exhibition of Elaine Pamphilon