Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Bridge Season - Keeping it Pink The First of AW20


As the summer progressed and we slipped into Autumn we have the grim reality of cancelled orders and agency's and brands that no longer existed.  However all was not lost. Pre collections came in from Fabienne Chapot and Absolut Cashmere continued to deliver wool  and cashmere delights with Bangle Up and Bohemia keeping us topped in accessories.  Here is what it looked like - with a lot of pink :

Monday, 21 September 2020

Re-Opening June 2020


Its was and has been a strange old time. We closed the store on the afternoon of 21st March not knowing if we would ever open again.  Thankfully we did re-open very quietly  on Monday 15th June with a shop and world that felt completely different. I think the one plus of lockdown amid all the fear and and worry is that it gave us time to reflect and consider what is important in life. Thank you to all the customers who immediately sprung into action and contacted me to place orders over the phone or via the website. I had many kind words and support from people who genuinely wanted my business to carry on. It was brilliant to be able to do all the drop offs /mail orders and also to hear from customers who loved the  different lockdown window changes.   A small slice of normality in a weird world. The lockdown period also enabled me to re-stock to full capacity so by the time we re opened we had box fresh never seen before deliveries from Nathalie Vleeschouwer, Bohemia, Armor Lux, 120% Lino, Absolut Cashmere and Bangle Up.  We have now moved in to AW20 but here is a flashback