Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Window 2013

The street Christmas lights and flags have gone up and the Christmas window is now in-store its officially  time to start feeling festive. Check out the pictures below complete with sparkly parrots, Russian dolls, and oversized door wreath.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Mirabelle Jewellery - Just Landed

A few more beautiful pieces from Mirabelle  landed this morning..

Strawberry Quartz necklace £40.00

Gypsy Hoops £35.00

Necklace £51.00

New On-line Shop

So after much planning and false starts we have finally got our act together and launched our on-line shop. We hope you like it and find it eassy to use. Over the next few weeks and months we will be adding more of your favourite brands to the site so you can cruise all the latest deliveries from the comfort of your own home, train seat, office....etc. not every item in the shop will be available to buy on-line but we hope to provide a chic little edit so at least you can all get your fashion fix. Happy Shopping from all of us at Starburst.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas List Time - The New People Tree PJ`s Have Arrived

You know crimbo is around the corner when the People Tree Organic cotton PJ sets arrive in town! This year they are in a lovely deep burgundy and as always in a super soft luxurious cotton. And if you really want to impress your loved one you can put then in a Liberty Print bag specially handmade in Devon for Starburst.

People Tree nightdress £35.00

PJ Bottoms £25.00

PJ Top £25.00
Handmade Liberty Print Bag £5.00

Italain Coffee Heros arrives in Dartmouth

Are we in a trendy corner of Shoreditch? Cool lighting tick, rough wood tick, trendy glossies scattered about the place! By god we are still in Devon but its got all trendy. If you are down this way then head to Smith Street in Dartmouth ( already home to the very chic and tasteful Smith Street Deli) where the Italian Coffee Hero's have opened up a new slim line coffee shop called Woodroast

New Blends are selected on a daily basis

Many will already know the Italian coffee Heros from the Curator Cafe in Totnes and the Dartmouth Food Festival.  And while your your coffee is brewing you can drift next door through the newly knocked down wall and browse in Siegel  ( Devon guilds craftsmen), how cool is that! Best to go between Saturday and Wednesday when the knowledgeable owner is there. 

Quinton & Chadwick - New Additions

Check out these lovely new additions form Quinton & Chadwick, please note the top up of the pixel pom pom scarf in forest green  ( perfect with the Marilyn Moore Cashmere green pocket dress) and the zig zag scarf in blue, grey, orange and black. Grab them now if you missed out on the first deliveries

Zig and Zag

Quinton & Chadwick seems to be popular with the under 15 youths of Devon as my son displays