Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Want Colour

I don't know if its anything to do with the recent good weather, the discovery of a brightly coloured mood board or the flash of colour  in the park from the gorgeously gaudy combination of daffodils, Hyacinths and tulips but I'm hankering after a whole mish mash of colour in my wardrobe and inside my house. Inspired by this I went to  Flowersmiths and treated myself to some sweet smelling Hyacinths  in 3 different shades of lilac which I bunged in a slightly too big vase from Jane Packer and placed on my fireplace.

This is all coupled with the fact that since Saturday I haven't been able to put down Decorate by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick.

Many of the interiors I had viewed before  - but this books somehow makes them  appear even more desirable! Who would of thought canary yellow, baby blue and spearmint green could all work together so well? Just look at Sisleys CEO Christine d` Ornano`s apartment.

This has also combined with a hankering after pink..I picked up this lovely limited edition print  in Distinctly Living last week...

and also on my wish list are these fab cushions from Madeline Weinrib

Monday, 21 March 2011

I Need A Hero

Today was the day I had been waiting for..the hero pieces arrived courtesy of Anderson & Lauth.  I got quite emotional as I unwrapped  waistcoats dripping in jewels and heavily beaded chiffon capes. These are heirloom pieces designed to be bought and treasured. Keep well away from your teenage daughter.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Vogue March 2011 - We Love Petit Bateau + France

Look at this lovely piece of editorial from the March edition of Vogue. It features the classic Petit Bateau stripe top currently available in-store (blue & red ladies) . I'm bang on trend!

Saltwater- New Delivery

Just in Time for the Weekend...a burst of spring freshness from Saltwater

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spring Has Shown Its Hand

Broken heart? Credit card wont work? Accounts building up in the in-tray?  who cares!!!! its  the first beautiful day of Spring, I shut the shop this morning and took a stroll to take in sunny Dartmouth at its best. I came across coach loads of bubble cuts all basking in the sun, handsome chefs on their breaks wandering along the front and this beautiful floral display in the park. What more could you want? Hopefully this will bring some joy to someone sitting in a soulless office somewhere in Reading.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Pyrus - New In

Exciting Times! Pyrus have just dropped a lovely little selection from there S/S 11Collection. Highlights include the Silk Liberty Print Lilly Dress - Very Pretty,   The Etoile Lace and cotton shirt dress,  and the Studded stripe Corso T-shirt.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Oz Love Affair - Part 2 - Todd Hunter

Almost With You - Todd Hunter

Hot on the Heels of the last post i have also fallen for Australian Artist Todd Hunters evocatively named canvases..they are gorgeous are they not? 

Love Sick - Todd Hunter

Oz Love Affair - Part 1 - Mrs Press

For years now I have thought that Australia produces some of the most strikingly pretty and wearable fashion, cool art,  and lovely home wares in the entire world  -  and cool hunters just don't seem to notice it truly weird.  I am forever trying to track down Fleur Wood garments in London and have long hankered after Collette Dinnigans devastatingly beautiful creations.  Stumbling across an old Oz Vogue I fell in love all over again with the creations from ex Vogue girl Claire Press.  Just look at these beauts!

New York Dress By Claire Press

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saltwater - Just arrived!

A Delivery on a Saturday! how modern! Feast your eyes on these pretty knits that have just arrived from Saltwater..keep your eyes peeled this week for the rest of the collection...

Birdy Love

Just popped over to Ainscough Gallery after not being in their for a while I found I was still in love with the Angela Harding originals..this is still my favourite

Bird & Scottish View - Angela Harding

More Birdy Love ( Swallows mainly ) to follow soon

Friday, 11 March 2011

Sneaky Peak

Well its all over, another seasons buying is done and dusted...and what a season its been. All i can say is that A/W 11 is due to be one of the most lovely, luxurious and commercial seasons we have had in a long time. Personal faves include:  Queene & Country's lambswool knits in shades of grey and camel plus there heartbreakingly beautiful velvet dress in a deep plush red. Gorgeous grown up style ..yet again..Wendy & Sue keep up the good work. Other highlights included the heavy wool capes, loose beaded chiffon t-shirts in midnight blue and vintage inspired lace tops at Pyrus, a riot of colour and  50`s print at Marilyn Moore, Sexy figure skimming fairisle dresses at Saltwater, Skull printed wool wraps at Anderson & Lauth and digitally printed silks from a new secret accessories brand! Also much admired was Elizabeth's Lau`s heart breaker lambswool jumper,sadly not bought but who knows in the future. Might have to mail order that one come the Autumn. Also a first for me and generally a sin among old school buyers ( darling its  new season suicide!) was to buy Orange! I'm telling you Orange is going to be everywhere! you've been tangoed!

Apologies for the grainy, wonky pictures but you get the idea

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The French Connection

Ive just had the rather uplifting news that a family member has just booked 2 weeks in France..and did I want to nip over in May? well ahoy there, count me in.  This got me thinking about all things French... the orange roofs of the south, storms, diving swallows, grumpy old men, blanc cassis aka rocket fuel, markets,  food and stripey tops..bring it on. Here are some pics to get me in the mood.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Queene & Country

A long overdue look at the latest drop from the girls at Queene & Country..after causing such a stir with their first collection last Spring Queene & Country followers wont be disappointed with there latest offering. The British design duo have packed a punch this season ( and dont even get me started on there beautiful fall collection!) Block 50`s prints are used on tailored and most importantly flattering linen shift dresses while the knockout bestselling Hepworth Cardigan returns in Navy Blue. After last years waiting list for the version in pearl grey I expect them to walk of the shelves as my mother would say. Check out some more pics below:

On the subject of all things British, back by popular demand are the charming Union Jack shoes by The Jacksons. Fans will be pleased to know that this year they are available in half sizes and can be yours for £169.00.