Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Mothers Day Inspiration

Its that time of year again when you scratch around in a slightly harassed manner trying to think of appropriate things to buy for mothers day. We still have a few days left so avoid the last minute panic and be inspired by the ideas below.

We have just had a new delivery of the orangery candle from True Grace. This has to be my favourite of all the fragrances we have in store( but I am totally biased and have always loved all things  Neroli. )

True Grace Orangery Candle £35.00 / Glass Cloche Dome £20.00 and Plinth £18.00
If you are really getting into the spirit of things you could add in the Neroli hand cream £12.00 and soap £4.00. We also have the hand cream, candle and soap in Bergamot. Another classic and beautifully fresh fragrance for this time of year.

Hand Cream £12.00

Orangery Candle £35.00
If your parents now have the habit of nipping off on holidays them you cant go far wrong with the the Zig Zag print wash bags from Bohemia. Its one of those items that you wouldn't necessarily consider buying for your self so makes an ideal gift £35.00

Wash Bags £35.00

In a similar vein you could also treat her to a new beach bag adorned with Pom Poms. Pom Pom wicker basket £38.00. Also available with blue pom poms

Wicker Pom Pom Basket £38.00

For mega brownie points a new piece of cashmere or silk doesn't go amiss. Most of us are still slobbing around in our slightly bobbly winter knitwear so a  pristine piece of knitwear in a juicy new season shade would feel very luxurious. If you cant stretch to a jumper then the Pantherella cashmere socks at £31.00 are ideal. An lets face it  what mother wouldn't want to swan into the local gastropub wearing a new silky shirt  /  jumper for the annual mothers day lunch.

Moray Crop Cashmere /Silk / Cotton Cardigan £75.00 Mos Mosh Jeans £109.00

Moray Crop Cashmere Cardigan £75.00

Mos Mosh Sophia cashmere jumper £169.00 - Also in pearl grey

Pyrus Hive Shirt Swimmers Shirt £95.00

Mos Mosh Fleur Silk T-shirt £109.00

If all else fails a divine spring bunch of fresh hand tied flowers would be an all round crowd pleaser. I recently discovered the gorgeous florist Marta Matson and would be delighted with a beautiful bunch from her on Sunday morning.

And maybe to top off the day you could whisk her off for afternoon tea at Claridges. Only the best