Sunday, 21 April 2013

Norman Parkinson

It would of been Norman Parkinsons 100th birthday today. I am just as mesmerized by his photography now as I was when I discovered them on a postcard when I was 13. His haughty, elegant and often fun fashion photography is want made me want to get into the industry. Who can fail but to be bowled over by his images.  I am slightly overexcited by the prospect of an exhibition of his work occurring in Bath ( in not to distant) curated by Roland Mouret. Roland Mouret! Jigging around the west country!  Him of the galaxy dress which was totally ruined by Carol Vorderman. But Roland Mouret is a bit of a god in my mind, so French and so sexy! lovely frocks too.

Slightly Tim Walker dont you think? 

The last picture of the man himself is one that I have kept in a scrapbook for years, there is something about a man that can dance and one that is so smart, elegant and willowy that is utterly appealing

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