Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Italian Job

One of the consolations of watching your friends climb up the fashion career ladder and earn six figure sums while you scrap around being self employed is the fact that unlike them you are not tied to 10 days holiday a year..or holiday forms. With this in mind I allowed myself to be whisked off to a dot in the med otherwise known as Isola Di S.Pietro. A lovely time was had by all, please enjoy these pics especially if you are in rainy old England

Hotel Hieracon

Mr Sandman bring me a dream

Beachbar Girin featuring King Limbo

Special thanks to Limbo at Beachbar Girin for feeding me his salad lunches, much needed drinks on the rocks and ice creams and also for providing general entertainment. A shout out must also go to the elegant Hotel Hieracon for looking after us so well .Hotel Hieracon is a lovely old building filled with antique chandeliers and pretty Chinese cabinets and has a rather grand  French Colonial air about it. Check it out on my link.

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